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I have already started classes but maybe some of you guys haven’t, so I have 2 last tips for school!


This site is a great way to look up some of the professors at your university. Most of the professors will be there and some have comments from students on their experience with the class and the professor. I always use this site to choose my classes. The comments are usually right but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so keep that in mind.

My last tip is do not sign up for a 8am class if you are not a morning person. You can say that you will suck it up and go but if you have doubts about being on time or you are a a grouchy person when you wake up, it is best not to test it. It is not worth failing a class because your bed was so comfortable.

Let me know if I can help with anything! I’m not an expert but I am a student ;D

Seeing your college friends again after a summer at home

School starts on Wednesday! I’m so excited!



When I tell someone they might not need all of textbooks


The perks of working at a college bookstore

School starts next week. I am little bit nervous. I am going to take Religion and Hawaiian studies.


School starts next week. I am little bit nervous. I am going to take Religion and Hawaiian studies.

I cannot tell you how many times I turned down a friendly invite to hangout with a potential friend my freshman year! I was so determined to be the best academically, by the 3rd day I was like this.


By the first week of being a freshman in college I was…


burnt out!

Please don’t let your college experience be like this. Don’t overload yourself. Have some fun!


But not too much!


It’s not always about studying

I think everybody has his or her own way of studying.

I have not perfected this yet but I have different ways of trying. I will admit I still procrastinate sometimes but I feel super guilty about it later so don’t do it please. Hopefully, some of these tips help.

2 (Studying)

So the first one is something that I live by but it changes every year.

Hand written notes

Handwritten notes work best for me but I have to rewrite them. I understand that it is very time consuming but it is something to consider if your professor won’t allow any piece of tech in their class.



I have also tried StudyBlue and I found that it did work for a while. StudyBlue is a website where you can make flash cards, personalized quizzes, and notes. The thing that I like best is that some of the classes I was taking were already there and there was study material posted by other people in the class. It felt like an online study group but you didn’t have to interact if you didn’t want to. Perfect for last minute studying but not encouraged! It even has an app!

 Word Document

I can’t do this one but I know that it helps a lot, if you are not easily distracted by the interweb @_@. Word document an efficient way of taking notes and turning them into valuable study guides.

Study Groups

It makes studying fun and sometimes that is all that you need! I love this idea. So if you have really good friends try it out!

I think that is all I have for studying just some basics that you can try out and make your own. I am at the point where I have to read my hand written notes aloud in an announcer voice so I can retain some concepts. I know it’s weird but it has worked out so far :D


Parents’ reactions when they hear the price of their kid’s textbooks.




Yes, it happens.

The perks of working at a college bookstore

So I’m still excited about school. I have said it before I feel like a freshman in college again but I’m not! Anyways, I will be giving some school tips this week because of my school excitement.

The years in college have given me wisdom young ones and I aim to share! Enjoy!


I have learned that Amazon can be your best friend. I found one of my textbook this year for $4! Amazon is not the only online store where you can buy books. Check others for some sweet deals.

I am not saying, don’t go to your campus bookstore. I am just saying if you want to save some green check both place, sometimes the campus bookstore has some deals on books. Not to mention you can get the book right then and there. Another plus is campus goodies!

Used books are gold!

If you do buy from a physical store used books can be really helpful! Plus, it’s cheaper! Some used textbooks have notes and highlights that can help you focus on what parts really need attention. The notes can help you understand a concept better. I know that sometimes having something explained a different way can make a big difference. So go ahead a look through the book first and get a feel for the notes. If you don’t like the notes, grab or ask for a different copy. Ain’t no shame in trying to excel!

If your not about the used book life then grab a new one and help someone else out with your notes when you sell it back!

(Dang this post is long! I am almost done, I swear.)

Last but not least Sell Back!

Go ahead and sell your books when you are done. It gives you some cash. I know that by the end of the semester I was hurting for money and sell back money helped out. Make sure that you are getting your money worth!

Keep them if a course is a conjunction with another course. For example: here there were 2 required English classes that was separated by semester that used the same book). Or keep them of you failed a class and plan on retaking it. Sometimes it happens.

Okay, so I think that about wraps up textbooks. Wow, I can’t believe I just did that. I’ll keep you posted on other tips.


Textbook Tips

Definitely Disneyland! It was magical!

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